Thursday, December 29, 2011

What have we done in 2011

Well lets start with Baby Sophia and Baby Ali Lynn and Baby Matthew Eli....they all have Memorial Stones thanks to YOU the DONATORS....if you help with donations then we can get the job done for these families that have lost a child.

As many of you know we donate a Memorial Stone to a family to help their child to be buried with dignity. This year YAHOO sponsored one family and we are working with this family at this time to help them with a Memorial Stone for their son.

Please either become a yearly sponsor at the cost of a $499 donations, or either go online at and make a donation to help another family. Thank you so much for your kindness....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We DiD it Everyone Together WE DID IT!!

As the President of Buried with Dignity, I am proud to announce that 3 families are now being able to have a Memorial Stone on their childs final resting place. These little angels are so loved by so many people and rightfully so!

ALI LYNN COOPER who is the precious angel of Laura and Roland Cooper, will have her memorial stone placed on her resting place very soon! This family paid over $2000 to have a Memorial Stone designed and delivered for their daughter. They were robbed by a theft in the night, who had a bogus company and the loser took off with their last funds, and this family was left without a Memorial Stone for this precious baby daughter of theirs. Well, it took a little while, but because of the kind and giving people who donated to Buried with Dignity, we are so happy to say that this mission of our promising these Parents if they stayed by our side, and they were patient, WE WOULD be able to let the world know that ...there is a precious angel, that lays in the final resting place, and she is very much missed and loved by her parents, grandparents, siblings and family and friends. God Bless You baby Ali and Laura & Roland....thank you for letting us have the blessing of being able to help your family onto the road of healing...GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!! Love, from all of us here at "Buried with Dignity"

Second we have Matthew Eli Crone who is the precious angel son of Terrie and Andrew Crone. Matthew leaves behind two sisters and his Mom and Dad and Family...This Family also waited for awhile for Buried with Dignity to help them place a Memorial Stone on Matthews final resting place. Finally and ONLY BECAUSE of all of the many wonderful and giving donators, was this able to happen. So thank you Terrie & Andrew and girls for allowing Buried with Dignity to stand by your sides until the funds came in to make this all possible for Matthew. Our belief here at BWD is that "Every single child, has the RIGHT to be BURIED WITH DIGNITY"....thank you GOD for your Blessings...Love, from all of us here at Buried with Dignity!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harrah's Chester, Pa Bus Casino Trip Fundraiser!!

On November 13th 2010 from 10am to 4pm EST, ALL guests will be leaving from the Quakertown, Pa Walmart Shopping Center! We are holding our very first Casino Bus Trip to Harrah's in Chester, Pa! This is going to be a lot of fun folks!! Go to
Buried with Dignity's Harrah's Casino Fundraiser Link to purchase your tickets and our website will also have the contact information for Maryann and Liz.

Advance Ticket purchasing ONLY!! Either online or by Calling Maryann or Liz and
this information is also on the website! IF you have any questions please feel free to email me at My Email


We will be giving out a door prize, a goody bag for everyone, we will be holding a 50/50 drawing, and some raffles with great prizes!! This is going to be the fun filled trip of the century!!

When we get to Harrah's you will be given a $10 Slot Voucher and a $5 food voucher, so you already got back 1/2 the money for the fun filled trip Woot Woot :)

We can not hold any unpaid seats. Bus Company rules: Must be at least 21 yrs of age and must have a photo ID.

So Hurry up and join us for the Bus Casino Fundraising Trip ~ Tickets GO FAST!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who will be supporting this Fundraiser!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


PLEASE GO ONTO THE WEBSITE at Buried with Dignity and Purchase your Masquerade Ball Tickets now!! This fundraiser is to help 10 families that have come to us for our help. What we do is donate funds to these families to help them to purchase a Memorial Stone for their child. This will help the family to have closure and the child to be able to be buried with dignity.

See you at the Ball for a Night of excitement and FUN FUN FUN!!!

Maryann and Crew lol

Monday, November 9, 2009

Update as of November 9, 2009

Buried with Dignity WOW we have finally become a reality! No donations, but lots of visits to the Website for Buried with Dignity. The entire purpose of hanging in there for over 4 years, can be see on the website in the real faces of the children that have gone home to be with God!
This is the website address:

Also visit my personal site where it all started at:

Please ...We have prayed, We are believing that GOD will open the doors for others to help us reach out to the world to join us in helping the Parents and Grandparents who lose a child, help us to give them some type of closure.

Without your donations, Buried with Dignity is just another Non Profit Foundation and truly, it is just another name! We can do this together! Together we can ALL make a DIFFERENCE and it starts with one person and excels from there. My Husband and I have started the Foundation off with our own funds of $500. This is what is in the BWD bank account for the year 2009.

We know these are financially hard times for many of us, but look around you ...each of you.... YOU have your children there with you, and they are such a blessing aren't they? Well...these parents and grandparents that will be reaching out for OUR not have their little blessings with them anymore...they have gone home to be with GOD!! Now, the families are left to bury their child, and they are shell shocked, they are devastated beyond belief and now they find themselves in a more stressful place then ever...because they never planned on losing that child. No Funds available, they can't even think straight let alone wonder or figure out "WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM FOR ME TO BURY MY BABY"?????

IF you can make a donation, whether it is small or WILL be BLESSED by GOD for reaching out to help these families!!! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS each of YOU

Best of Blessings,

Maryann, David, Shiela, Rhonda, and Coleen - The entire BWD Staff

Friday, August 14, 2009


Please find it in your hearts to help me with donations?? We need the funding so that NO PARENT or GRANDPARENTS have to be turned away when they lose their child!! The Chipin will go on until APRIL 25th 2010 So help us to help these families and GOD BLESS EACH and EVERONE OF YOU!!! THANK YOU ...Maryann Coberly

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Non-Profit Foundation to help parents with a headstone

Please help me help the children? Go to my website and you can read about the how's and the why's of why I need to do this for Donavon, Crystal Dale, Shannon, Kedan and my Grandbaby HOPE and that this foundation will be in their Memory to Honor each child.

I have also put together my website for the Foundation, but it is under construction at this time. All may view it at :

UPDATE: On APRIL 9th 2009 We went to our Attorneys office to sign all of the Legal paperwork for the Incorporation of Buried with Dignity and the 501(c) 3 tax exempt status!!!!!

This has been a huge undertaking and a dream come true. I promised the 5 children Donavon, Shannon, Kedan, Crystal, and Hope that are on my website that I would NOT STOP until Buried with Dignity came full circle. Well Kids....WE DID IT!!!! Thank you GOD and the many many people that prayed for this to happen.

Now I need ALL of your help with donations, and suggestions of how we can raise the funds so that We NEVER have to turn any Parent or Grandparent away when they come to us for help!

If you feel that you can help My Non Profit Foundation with a donation please feel free to contact me or just go to any Wachovia Bank, and you can make a deposit into our Buried with Dignity account, until We are able to put up a merchant account onto my website that will accept all major credit cards.

This Non-Profit Foundation will help parents and grandparents that are having a hard time finacially... at the time of the loss of their child. My Foundation will be able to assist with a donation to help the parents or grandparents in purchasing a Memorial Stone. That will allow them to be able to bury their babies with some hope and dignity.

This Non-Profit Foundation will give these Parents some peace to know that their child has a Memorial Stone, and it will take a huge weight off of the Parents or Grandparents shoulders...just to know that

TOGETHER ALL OF US can make this dream come true!!! I will need as much help as I can get!! I can't do it alone and I certainly can't do it without the donations of others to help me fulfill this vision.

Please think about helping Us .... so that another Parent or Grandparent doesn't have to go through this heartache again alone without anyone helping them financially.....Please be touched enough to help me help these children, so that they may be Buried with Dignity!

GOD BLESS anyone that keeps us in their prayers and for those that can help by their donations let me just say thank you from the bottom of our hearts....because it will take ALL of US working together to help bury these children with the Dignity that they so deserve!!


At any ==>Wachovia Bank <== anyone can make a deposit to the Buried with Dignity Account, until our website has the Merchant Account set up to accept all major credit cards.

Please help by praying for Our Non-Profit Foundation "Buried with Dignity" and second please find it in your heart to make a Donation...whether it is a small or large donation....every donation will bring us closer to this goal and help so so many families and again thank you and GOD BLESS your generosity!!

Thank you for helping whether it be with your prayers or a donation. GOD BLESS each & every person !!! This Foundation will help other parents and grandparents or any care taker to not worry about
"HOW can we afford a Memorial Stone, when we don't have the money"?

"Buried with Dignity" will help with some of the financial cost.

Thank You so much!! Hugs and God Bless!

~*~*~Maryann & David Coberly~*~*~
Founder/President Vice President