Sunday, March 13, 2011

We DiD it Everyone Together WE DID IT!!

As the President of Buried with Dignity, I am proud to announce that 3 families are now being able to have a Memorial Stone on their childs final resting place. These little angels are so loved by so many people and rightfully so!

ALI LYNN COOPER who is the precious angel of Laura and Roland Cooper, will have her memorial stone placed on her resting place very soon! This family paid over $2000 to have a Memorial Stone designed and delivered for their daughter. They were robbed by a theft in the night, who had a bogus company and the loser took off with their last funds, and this family was left without a Memorial Stone for this precious baby daughter of theirs. Well, it took a little while, but because of the kind and giving people who donated to Buried with Dignity, we are so happy to say that this mission of our promising these Parents if they stayed by our side, and they were patient, WE WOULD be able to let the world know that ...there is a precious angel, that lays in the final resting place, and she is very much missed and loved by her parents, grandparents, siblings and family and friends. God Bless You baby Ali and Laura & Roland....thank you for letting us have the blessing of being able to help your family onto the road of healing...GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!! Love, from all of us here at "Buried with Dignity"

Second we have Matthew Eli Crone who is the precious angel son of Terrie and Andrew Crone. Matthew leaves behind two sisters and his Mom and Dad and Family...This Family also waited for awhile for Buried with Dignity to help them place a Memorial Stone on Matthews final resting place. Finally and ONLY BECAUSE of all of the many wonderful and giving donators, was this able to happen. So thank you Terrie & Andrew and girls for allowing Buried with Dignity to stand by your sides until the funds came in to make this all possible for Matthew. Our belief here at BWD is that "Every single child, has the RIGHT to be BURIED WITH DIGNITY"....thank you GOD for your Blessings...Love, from all of us here at Buried with Dignity!

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