Thursday, December 29, 2011

What have we done in 2011

Well lets start with Baby Sophia and Baby Ali Lynn and Baby Matthew Eli....they all have Memorial Stones thanks to YOU the DONATORS....if you help with donations then we can get the job done for these families that have lost a child.

As many of you know we donate a Memorial Stone to a family to help their child to be buried with dignity. This year YAHOO sponsored one family and we are working with this family at this time to help them with a Memorial Stone for their son.

Please either become a yearly sponsor at the cost of a $499 donations, or either go online at and make a donation to help another family. Thank you so much for your kindness....


Maryann Coberly said...

Well it is almost Christmas Time for December 2014 and here we are with no donations, no sponsors, and I am not giving up! After my daughter passed away March 23, 2012 I lost the will to do anything! Part of me died with her!

Well now I realize that I must go on without her here ...this is the hardest thing that a Mother should ever have to do! So I am promising my daughter Coleen W. that I will honor her memory instead of mourning her loss.

We are going to try really hard to make this happen in 2014 One sponsor at a time! We need to help all of the many families that have come to us for help.

Pray for BWD and the Directors and the families that we are trying to help and please...please..know that we appreciate every dollar that has been donated in the past, but we need your help with donations!

Without your helping us there is NO BURIED WITH DIGNITY!! Together WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE so won't you please help with a donation or by sponsoring one family? Thank you all and GOD BLESS.

P.S. There is a donation button right on the website at and if you would like to be a sponsor to one family please contact me on FB under Maryann Coberly Thanks again!

Maryann Coberly said...

Please help! By making a donation on our website at and thank you!